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ParsedXML::DOM::Core::AttributeMap Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ParsedXML::DOM::Core::AttributeMap:

ParsedXML::DOM::Core::MapFromParent ParsedXML::DOM::Core::AttributeControl

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Detailed Description

NamedNodeMap that works on the attribute structure.

This doesn't do anything about the namespace declarations.

Definition at line 2199 of file Core.py.

Public Member Functions

def __delitem__
def __getattr__
def __getitem__
def __getstate__
def __init__
def __setattr__
def __setitem__
def get
def getNamedItem
def getNamedItemNS
def has_key
def item
def items
def keys
def removeNamedItem
def removeNamedItemNS
def setNamedItem
def setNamedItemNS
def values

Private Member Functions

def _addToParentList
def _delFromParentList
def _get_length
def _item_helper
def _key_helper
def _set_named_item

Static Private Attributes

 __len__ = _get_length
string _parentListName = '_attributes'

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