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ParsedXML::DOM::Core::Childless Class Reference

Inherited by ParsedXML::DOM::Core::CharacterData, ParsedXML::DOM::XMLExtended::DocumentType, ParsedXML::DOM::XMLExtended::Notation, and ParsedXML::DOM::XMLExtended::ProcessingInstruction.

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Detailed Description

Node mixin that doesn't allow child nodes.

This ensures safety when used as a base class for node types that
should never have children of their own, and allows slightly
faster response for some methods.

Definition at line 852 of file Core.py.

Public Member Functions

def appendChild
def hasChildNodes
def insertBefore
def normalize
def removeChild
def replaceChild

Static Public Attributes

 firstChild = None
 lastChild = None

Private Member Functions

def _get_firstChild
def _get_lastChild

Static Private Attributes

tuple _allowed_child_types = ()

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