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ParsedXML::DOM::ExpatBuilder::FragmentBuilder Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ParsedXML::DOM::ExpatBuilder::FragmentBuilder:

ParsedXML::DOM::ExpatBuilder::ExpatBuilder ParsedXML::DOM::ExpatBuilder::FragmentBuilderNS

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Detailed Description

Builder which constructs document fragments given XML source
text and a context node.

The context node is expected to provide information about the
namespace declarations which are in scope at the start of the

Definition at line 487 of file ExpatBuilder.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def attlist_decl_handler
def character_data_handler
def comment_handler
def createParser
def element_decl_handler
def end_cdata_section_handler
def end_element_handler
def entity_decl_handler
def external_entity_ref_handler
def getParser
def install
def notation_decl_handler
def parseFile
def parseString
def pi_handler
def reset
def start_cdata_section_handler
def start_doctype_decl_handler
def start_element_handler
def xml_decl_handler

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


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