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ParsedXML::tests::domapi::Load3::BuilderFeatureConformanceTestCase Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ParsedXML::tests::domapi::Load3::BuilderFeatureConformanceTestCase:

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Detailed Description

Test that the DOMBuilder has the defaults and allows setting
all features required by the W3C specification.

The features are not exercised, but every value that is required
to be supported is tested and set.

Definition at line 104 of file Load3.py.

Public Member Functions

def checkCDATAAsText
def checkCommentsOmitted
def checkEntityNodesFeatureSideEffect
def checkFeatureDefaults
def checkRequiredFeatureSettings
def checkSupportsFeatures
def checkUnknownFeature
def checkWhiteSpaceInElementContentDiscarded
def checkWithoutNamespaceDeclarations
def checkWithoutNamespaces
def createBuilder
def createDocument
def createDocumentNS

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary FEATURES

Private Member Functions

def _parse

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